1K BLK HP4025/4525/M551/570/4540/651/680

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FG Premium Toner - Black Chemical Toner, 1000 gm. Suggested Fill Weights: CB540A(55g) / CC530A(90g) / CE250A(130g) / CE250X(220g) / CE260A(180g) / CE260X(265g) / CE264X(320g) / CE320A(50g) / CE400A(135g) / CE400X(200g) / CE410A(60g) / CE410X(90g)/ CF210A(40g)/ CF210X(55g) / CF320A(385g) / CF330X(360g)

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1K CYN HP4025/4525/M551/570/4540/651/680
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